About REKORD SRL Alba Iulia

The experience and collaboration with other market leading brands allowed Alcide Giacometti to develop a great know-how on production techniques, and then to found in 1994 the REKORD.

Our is now a footwear production company that operates internationally while continuing to grow and to invest in materials and manufacturing technologies that allow it to keep pace with technology without leaving the craftsmanship that characterized it since its inception. REKORD is a rare example of balance between technology and tradition.

What is so special about our production is the careful attention paid to craft each shoe, today our company is an example of technology and tradition.
Since 1994, the combination of passion, tradition and technology is the strength of our company, allowing us to continually improve ourselves, production after production. 
  • trekking boots
  • cross country boots
  • hunting boots
  • safety boots
  • motorcycle boots
  • military boots

Since 1994 we have been continuously developing

Despre DROKER SRL Sebeș

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